Government's Favorite Day

By John Seiler:

Today is government’s favorite day: Tax day. It comes three days later this year, on April 18. The usual date is April 15.

The reason is that, this year, April 15, is celebrated in Washington, D.C. as Emancipation Day, the day President Lincoln freed the slaves in that city.

But for taxpayers, April 15 — or April 18 — is Enslavement Day. It’s the day each of us must give a reckoning to our Slave Masters in the government plantations for our incomes. Of course, since World War II the federal government makes us withhold our earnings from every paycheck. And the California government has done so since the late 1960s.

So, in a sense, every day is Enslavement Day — 365 of them every year, 366 in leap years.

What else can you call a system in which one half of the average person’s income is stolen by the government plantation for the Slave Masters? Lincoln said, “I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.”

Lincoln was right: Today, America is all slave.

The only reason the tax burden on us slaves isn’t above 50 percent is because, throughout history, the slaveowners realized they had to allow their slaves something to live on. So, our government grabs half from its slaves — us — but lets us live on the other half.

The current slave system makes a mockery of the American Founders’ establishment of a free country back in 1776-1789. They actually rebelled over a tea tax. Yet, who today wouldn’t exchange a minor tax on tea for the massive, repressive, enslaving income taxes and other taxes of today?

We live on a big plantation, with the Slave Masters in D.C., the state Capitol and other governments lording it over us, their slaves, stealing the money we earned from the sweat of our labor so that the Slave Masters can live lavish lifestyles — then retire with even more lavish lifestyles.

Do we have a “democracy” in which we can choose our leaders? It’s no more than the choice of which plantation foremen will beat us into submission.

Our only hope is that the day of a slave revolt is near.

April 18, 2011












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