Assembly Crime and Punishment

Katy Grimes: It’s never surprising when the wrath of the Speaker of the Assembly comes down on a member for failing to support the party in power on a crucial vote. That’s the way of Capitol politics.

What is surprising, is the forms the wrath takes.

In 2008, Assemblywoman Nichole Para, a Democrat, was kicked out of her Capitol office and moved across the street for not supporting the party’s state budget proposal.

In 2007, Assemblyman Todd Spitzer, R-Orange, was relegated to the “Doghouse,” the Capitol’s smallest and least desirable office, for challenging Democratic leaders on prison and public safety issues.

Assemblyman Juan Arambula, D-Fresno, was also relegated to the tiny “doghouse” office – all 391-square-feet – after he failed to vote for any of the 2006 infrastructure bonds.

Ouch. Punishment hurts.

And now, the latest guilty party is Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, (D-La Canada) currently in the crosshairs of his party, and Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles.

“The lone Assembly Democrat who voted against the state budget last month says his party’s leaders are now punishing him for his opposition,” the Los Angeles Times  reported.

Portantino said the chamber’s Rules Committee informed him Friday that his office budget had been slashed and his Capitol and district staff could be placed on unpaid leave for more than a month in the fall.

Does anyone really believe that Democrats will place other Democrat staff members on unpaid leave? However, if Portantino were to defect and become a Republican, then I would expect to see such punishment (only when monkeys fly).

Portantino has a staff of 11, divided up between the Capitol and his district office in Pasadena.

The Assembly Rules Committee is led by Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) who has a very large staff of 13, and is divided between three offices located in Berkeley, Oakland and the Capitol. Here’s a look at some of the Capitol staff for Democrat and Republican Assembly members – notice the stark contrast in size of Democrat staff to Republican… it looks as if some trimming could be done throughout the Democrat offices:



Anthony Portantino – Capitol Office


Hager, Trent Chief of Staff Email:  
Shelton, Diane Legislative Director Email:  
Tamariz, Michael Legislative Aide Email:  
Horner, Philip Legislative Assistant Email:  
Morris-Battle, Michelle Executive Assistant, Scheduler Email:  


Phone: 626-577-9944 Pasadena Office


Hines, Julianne District Director Email:  
Gordon, Wendy Communications Deputy Email:  
Gasparian, Hovanes Field Representative Email:  
Hacket, Sr., Bill Field Representative Email:  
Lopez, Kristi Field Representative Email:  
Turner, Tanganica Field Representative Email:  




Charles Calderon – D-Whittier  (Majority Leader) Capitol Office


White, Thomas Chief of Staff Email:  
Paraskevas, Helen Scheduler Email:  
Anguiano, Carlos Legislative Aide Email:  
Condit, Chad Legislative Aide Email:  
Lugo, Vanessa Legislative Aide Email:  
Ramirez, Ariana Legislative Aide Email:  
Klein, Leticia Secretary Email:  


Phone: 562-692-5858 City Of Industry Office


Villar, Marisela District Director Email:  
Maes, Alicia Scheduler Email:  
Hollon, Mike Senior Field Representative Email:  
Estrada, Humberto Field Representative Email:  
Rodriguez, Luis Field Representative Email:  
Shirinian, Lerna Field Representative Email:  
Aparicio, Vanessa Secretary Email:  




Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley Phone: 916-319-2014 Capitol Office


Griffiths, Diane Chief of Staff Email:  
Mooney, Liz Legislative Director Email:  
Kurpies, Joshua Scheduler Email:  
Trevino, Sandra Legislative Aide Email:  
Bui, Tony Legislative Assistant Email:  
Bedard, Michael Fellow Email:  
Tsiagbe, Akofa Fellow Email:  


Phone: 510-286-1400 Oakland Office


Chekal-Bain, Mark District Director Email:  
Ibrahim, Maha Senior Field Representative Email:  
Fortini, Frances Director of Constituent Services Email:  
Grodin, Anne Field Representative Email:  
Myrick, Jael Field Representative Email:  
Perez, Dorie Office Assistant Email:  




And in stark contrast…


Chris Norby, R-Fullerton


Lanza, Bryan Chief of Staff Email:  
Martinez, Danny Legislative Aide, Scheduler Email:  


Phone: 714-526-7272 Fulerton Office


Whitaker, Bruce District Director Email:  
Green, Craig Senior Field Representative Email:  
Kaiser, Carolyn Field Representative Email:  




Dan Logue, R-Linda


Wagner, Cliff Capitol Director, Communications Director Email:  
Kruckenberg, David Legislative Director Email:  
Steele, Stephanie Scheduler Email:  


Phone: 530-895-4217 Chico Office


Scolaro, Jan District Director Email:  
Marks, Greg Field Representative Email:  
Thompson, Steve Field Representative Email:  




Linda Halderman, R-Clovis/Fresno  


Stein, Eric Chief of Staff Email:  
Winn, Maggie Legislative Director Email:  
Grooms, Robert Scheduler Email:  


Phone: 559-446-2029 Fresno Office


Ayers, Tyler District Director, Communications Director Email:  
Flad, Janene Case Worker Email:  




JULY 12, 2011

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