Art Pedroza Starts Great New Blog

John Seiler:

Our old friend Art Pedroza has started a great new blog, I’ve known Art for something like 15-20 years. Back when I was at the Orange County Register in the 1990s, he wrote great letters to the editor on the shenanigans in Santa Ana city and school politics.

When blogs came around in 2003, he started the Orange Juice blog, which quickly became the top local blog in Orange County. He gave that to others about two years ago. He then started the New Santa Ana blog about the city where he lives.

Like yours truly, Art has wandered among the political parties, and currently is back with the Libertarians. America’s constricted political system doesn’t provide enough choice of where to roost politically. The two major parties have erected numerous legal barriers to competition.

Republicans, despite their small-government rhetoric, too much want to run our lives and invade foreign countries (while making hefty profits on their investments with military contractors). It’s too bad more Republicans aren’t like Ron Paul or Assemblyman Chris Norby of Fullerton. But that’s the fact.

Democrats, who interested Art for a while, believe everything would be great if we just gave the government 100 percent of our money to pay for government-worker pensions.

Art’s now back in the Libertarian Party. He wrote in an email, “That may seem nuts since the new open primary system will shut third parties out of our general elections, but I am hoping the courts will overturn the open primary.  If not, oh well.”

That’s about my attitude on American politics as the country, and California, sink into the slough of despond: Oh, well.

Art wrote, “Have I learned a few lessons over the past couple of years?  You bet. My new blog will be informative and I am sure my sense of humor will pop up, but I am going to try to present OC politics in an informed and entertaining way — and we’ll steer clear of the nuttiness that was the old OJ blog.”

Even if you’re not in Orange County, its politics affect all of California, and America.

So check out

— Jan. 3, 2012


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  1. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 3 January, 2012, 09:42

    The disconcerting trend in American politics is that it really doesn’t matter whether we have a Republic or Democrat majority in congress or a Republican or Democrat President anymore. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer – our national debt goes vertical – the use or threat of US military force remains is constant – our civil liberties continue to erode (Patriot Act, NDAA, etc..)- ‘equality under the law’ remains a distant memory – and the exchange of money and favors between Wall Street and our highest political offices continues unabated. Combine that with all the legal and financial barriers keeping third parties at bay we essentially have a political monopoly. It seems that today we have a single party system masquerading as a two-party system. If you question that look at the choices you have on election day – at both the state and national levels!

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  2. Art Pedroza
    Art Pedroza 3 January, 2012, 22:27

    Thank you John for the nice introduction! Our blog is off and running and I am working into the wee hours to get up a new post for tomorrow.

    Have a Happy New Year – may the cause of freedom finally advance this year!

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  3. california politics blog
    california politics blog 6 January, 2012, 05:22

    California politics are obviously complex and building a consensus in a now polarized population makes things a real struggle. Californians really need to relearn what it means to be bipartisan and work toward compromise.

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  4. bubbala
    bubbala 11 January, 2018, 03:39

    You don’t have to believe us, just look at satellite photos over our home since 2009 and the altitudes at which they flew. It will tell you all you need to know. Our home is in Mission Viejo. There are two flight paths in Orange County, CA. One going due north towards Riverside and one going south over the ocean and back north under Dana Point. We are due east and over 20 miles from the airport. We are not under a flight path and even if we were, we are over 20 miles from the airport and would never hear jets much less have them shake our home for almost 9 years now. My husband used to be a pilot and had a plane at John Wayne Airport. I was raised here and we both have lived here most of our 64 years of life. Because my husband use to fly, we understand flight paths, the same planes over us again and again, etc. Mr. Michael Huerta, the head of the FAA, seems to be running a mafia style organization and is arbitrarily deciding who gets to deserves their hard earned life alive and who doesn’t. If a woman calls noise complaint, she gets a flight path over her home. Other women in Orange County are suffering the same thing (we haven’t found one man who is suffering this spying, bullying and stalking). We are being made to look like the bad guys by our county because every government employee here is unwilling to go against other government employees. It’s been quite an education for many of us up here. They are using Camp Pendleton to bully us. We have been dive bombed so many times on the beach with military helicopters and Mr. Alan L. Murphy’s private plane along side, we stopped going. Mr. Murphy and Mr. Rondinella, using Camp Pendleton and so many of their friends who are willing to do whatever Mr. Murphy asks of them, have stalked us every place we have gone for almost 9 years now. They have dive bombed us in jacuzzi’s, hotels, restaurants, parking lots, etc. We haven’t gone one place in almost 9 years, where these guys haven’t stalked us there and bullied us with aircraft. Please read our story. We are over 60 years old, been married over 30 years, own a home and business in our community, have never been in any trouble. We are being spied on, stalked and bullied by Michael Huerta, Alan L. Murphy, Barry Rondinella, Lt. Binning of the Mission Viejo PD, Jennifer Wilson (who for absolutely no reason, joined in on a request for restraining orders against us for begging her boss for help? And after serving us with the request for restraining orders (they were denied) and lying in those court documents stating we had threatened Frank Ury’s children (what a sick thing to accuse someone of when nothing could be further from the truth. But this was the only way they could get the papers filed as we had done nothing wrong), and then she sends me an email to our computer to bait me, and when I wrote back saying “I would never contact her”, she called her attorney so fast to see if she could get me arrested for violating the request for restraining orders??? OMG. We don’t know women like this. She was then elected to slope maintenance. After we sent an email to someone else saying she was a monster, she came over and cut down almost every tree across the street from our home. These trees gave us shade in the summer. We never directed any conversation towards her. Just left messages for Frank Ury, her boss at the time. Why women treat other women in real danger like this is beyond all of us up here. She is sick with power and should never ever be in a position of power again), Mission Viejo Police Department and Camp Pendleton.

    We called noise complaint at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California in early 2009 to ask very nicely as a favor to our neighbor if the private planes could please stop doing stall maneuvers over our homes. We were told by Maria in noise complaint that we were in a designated area for student pilots to practice these maneuvers. It is actually against the law to do these maneuvers in residential areas. Within 15 minutes, Mr. Alan L. Murphy was over our home doing figure 8s just above us in our driveway where I was still visiting with our that neighbor. Within one hour, we were being bombarded by every small plane in the area and then within three weeks, every jet, helicopter, military jet and helicopter was buzzing our home 24/7 (our airport opens at 7am and closes at 10pm). When I called noise complaint again to see if they had received my email about this illegally low traffic, Maria told me “we don’t read your emails. They go into a computer file.” Thank goodness we wrote anyway. It is the perfect written account of what they were doing to us every single day. We’ve never had one person in government tell us the truth. We thought that the airport just didn’t understand how low they were flying over our hill so started a group called “The Green Grannies”. A group of us older retired women began emailing politicians/environmentalists for help. We looked for a new home for 8 months, but Mr. Alan L. Murphy sent military jets screaming over every appointment we made online so we fully understood we could not get away from him. 27 pages of listings, 4 listings per page, all with “JETS” at the top. We had so many real estate agents say “we have never had jets over this area”. This is when we realized we were being spied on and stalked. All anyone would have to do is look at satellite photos over our home beginning in 2009. It will tell you all you need to know. When we called the police finally here in Mission Viejo, an officer came out and refused to take a report and threatened us that we had better never call the police again for any reason??? Why?? We haven’t done anything illegal. We now realize it was because the police were bullying us also. Lt. Binning has called our home at night to wake us up, the MVPD has dive bombed us with the police helicopter so many times and stalked us to Home Depot, grocery stores, bank, left police radio calls on our phone machine for intimidation, uploaded pornography to our computer, called our phone machine and repeated the sound we just made in our home so we fully understood we have no privacy. If I clap my hands 3 times in our home, they call and clap 3 times on our phone machine. The city of Mission Viejo has dug up the street in front of our home twice at 1:00AM! We have had our electricity turned off twice without notice. We have received a letter from the mayor now telling us they were going to charge us $1,000.00 for having a piece of furniture in our driveway!!! ORANGE COUNTY IS TOTALLY CORRUPT. We understand how crazy this sounds, yet not one person has asked to hear the recordings, see our hundreds of hours of video. If they respond to us, they then would have to admit they are aware of what’s going on and do something about it and they have no intentions of doing their jobs no matter what. We have wasted 8 years begging a totally corrupt county/state. We can tell you where Mr. Alan L. Murphy was 30 times in the last 5 years. Summer of 2009, cloudy day, a lot of us outside in our yards. Mr. Alan L. Murphy had the Thunderbird jet crew, who were in town for a show, come over our hill in stealth mode and then turn up their engines so loudly. Our neighbor screamed. We all thought a jet was falling out of the sky. This is a game to these men. They are playing with women like a cat plays with a mouse until it’s dead. They chem trail X’s over our home and in the skies around our home so we cannot even open our drapes without feeling bullied. There should never be chem trails over Orange County. When you see chem trails over Orange County, is it a woman being bullied. I have a tumor so large in my thyroid and I throw up almost every day from this abuse. I had cancer the first time at 27 years old. My mother died at 52 years old of stomach cancer and her dad at 37. I am being bullied to death. Just a few more examples: December 4, 5 & 6 , 2015, Mr. Alan L. Murphy and probably Barry Rondinella, stalked us to Ojai for my birthday weekend. It is very important for these men to ruin every holiday, every vacation, every day. They dive bombed our hotel, stalked us every place we went. They flew large jets over the middle of town although this is a condor preserve and jets are illegal. Dive bombed us with a commercial jet at 2am. Sleep deprivation is very important to these men. On Dec. 5, 2015, they got the Santa Barbara Coast Guard (four huge orange helicopters!) to hover right above our heads over the gem fair in Santa Barbara until we left (you can see this on satellite photos). We had a friend arrive separately and video tape a half hour before we came and half hour after we left. They came with us and left with us. We have begged every politician and organization in Orange County for help. Our county is totally corrupt. At the end of the Summer 2015, when President Obama was in our part of the state, Mr. Alan L. Murphy had a “Presidential” helicopter with the accompanying jet circle our home 4 times so we would think the President was bullying us. Bullies want their victims to believe everyone hates them. These guys are consummate bullies. We believe they have been getting away with this for so long and cannot stop. Fixated and obsessed. Look at satellite footage over Yosemite on our 30 year anniversary on April 14, 15 & 16, 2017. We were dive bombed by private planes and chem trailed with so many jets over Yosemite to ruin our anniversary. It took years for us to realize this was all on purpose as no sane person expects anyone else to behave this way. NO ONE SANE AND SOBER DOES THIS TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. THAT’S WHY IT’S ILLEGAL!! On November 13, 2015, we got a new director at John Wayne Airport, Mr. Barry Rondinella. We were praying he was going to be a decent human being. We couldn’t have been more wrong. He promised in the newspaper that he was going to strictly enforce the curfew laws in Orange County (our airport opens at 7am and closes at 10pm). He flew everything he could over our home 24/7 (satellite photos will show this abuse of power). We and four of our neighbors video taped for 5 days, from 6pm – 2am. Over 50 hours of pure illegal abuse on video. I finally emailed Lt. Binning at the MVPD on January 28, 2017 and told him that he could say anything he wanted to about the abuse during the day but the jets at night are clearly bullying. The night bullying stopped that night. We are over 100 miles in any direction from an open airport at night. People have told me for years that the police were in on this. I didn’t want to believe them. They have parked airport vans across the street from our home to keep the stress up. We have tape with my husband asking the driver who he is here to pick up, etc., and shows him not having a name or address. They have the military shaking our foundation of our home. If our home gets quiet, they come up here and dive bomb us or shake the house to keep us from getting any sleep during the day. How would you like to live with every word, every sound you make in your home being heard? It’s humiliating and dehumanizing. To have sex and then get a call repeating the sounds? We keep two large noisy fans running, two white noise machines and the tv on almost all the time to try to keep the feeling of rape away. Do you know what it’s like to never hear quiet? To wear earplugs for 6 years? I want to die and I am not a give-up type of woman. I have had a hard life and believe in handling my business, taking my punches in life. But this is something no one can handle. These men are so sick and no one will stop them. A very important element to this abuse of power is that we are not allowed one day off. This is so important to these men. They understand that this must be sustained egregious psychological spying, stalking and bullying in order to destroy the women they are going after. Now it’s just a “maintenance dose” every day. After this amount of time, it doesn’t take much to take a person apart. Mr. Barry Rondinella comes over our home every single day in his private plane and sits over our home for hours. We are “punished” with jets down our throats when we reach out for help. These very sick men have totally lost all perspective and are so out of control because no one can afford to take on the FAA. NO ONE. Our neighbor calls this Lord of the Flies on steroids. If a citizen in Orange County begs for help, they just take revenge and destroy that citizens reputation. We heard from one man who believes they stressed out his wife until she got cancer and died. Anyone here who has witnessed this abuse first hand is petrified to say anything because these guys will just come after them. Two of our neighbors had this happen to them just for being our friends. They got flight paths so low over their homes until we stopped visiting with them. Divide and conquer – bully tactics. We called Michael Huerta’s office in May of 2014 (he is the head of the FAA, a self policing organization) and we were all but laughed at. No one will stop them and this isn’t being done in private. All anyone would have to do is come over here and watch this or watch “flight tracking” to see the aircraft and altitudes or look at satellite photos over Mission Viejo from 2009 to present to understand this is vicious and intentional. In the last year, we began emailing Michael Huerta directly with copies of our emails to political leaders and anti-bullying organizations. When we finally told Mr. Huerta “if this isn’t you bullying us, then make them stop”, Mr. Huerta really ramped up the abuse. He has been using Camp Pendleton to bully us on a whole new level. These men know psychological torture tactics and are using them on housewives with the help of Camp Pendleton, the police, government employees to destroy lives that they have arbitrarily decided shouldn’t continue. I have written two books: Path of a Monster Crossed, and When Suicide is Homicide. Women who are powerful and rich are too afraid to tell anyone about abuse by Hollywood directors. Yet, everyone thinks women who have no power and no money should stand up to the military, the FAA and the police department? Camp Pendleton just bullied us yesterday with a helicopter so low over our home it shook (12/18/17). All anyone would have to do is look at satellite photos over our home for the last 8 and a half years and it would be very clear that we are being bullied to a degree most people cannot imagine. We will live in fear for the rest of our lives, being hunted. This is America? No excuses. Not one person can say “we didn’t believe them”. Even though it’s illegal to spy on, stalk and bully anyone, these men have made it very clear to all of us up here that they are above the law. We have contacted Tony Rauckakus at the OC DA’s office (they blocked our email address after one email), Cathy Schlicht, Patricia Kelly, Frank Ury, the mayor of Laguna Beach, Lt. Binning of MVPD (who had been spying, stalking and bullying us for years but I wouldn’t believe it), Assemblyman Broughs and his secretary Sharon Campbell (who did nothing to help), Jerry Brown (4 years now – he couldn’t care less), Kamala Harris (sent us a “form” email about something so sick – she couldn’t care less about women), Diane Feinstein (couldn’t care less), Barbara Boxer, Lt. Gov. Newsom (he seems to care), MiMi Walters (who had an employee call us to tell us we have to handle this on our own!!!), every military organization, and anyone else we could think of. Please know that if a government employee comes after you, you will be on your own. How women politicians can just go home and sleep knowing this is going on is beyond us. The politicians you elect couldn’t care less about you. We are hoping our community will contact these leaders and ask them to stop this abuse of power in Orange County. These guys have lost all perspective and are too sick to stop. They should be in jail. We are in big danger. We need our community. Please help us soon. We need a hero. People commit suicide every day from bullying far less damaging than this. I have tried twice and have never had any psychological or emotional issues in my life. There are no organizations to help adults with bullying. I want to die. Please say the world is not this cold and apathetic. Please help.

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