Gun-Freedom Areas Should Split CA

John Seiler:

California obviously is a divide state that ought to be divided in two — at least. That clearly is shown in the following map of how easy to get a concealed carry weapon’s permit in California. The map is from California Concealed Carry Weapon, a great group that promotes the right to carry a gun.

California is a “may issue” state, meaning each county sheriff determines who gets the permits. As you would expect, the counties on the Left Coast issue almost no permits. While the counties in the more sensible interior of the state make it easy to get a permit.

The anomaly is Orange County, which is conservative Republican, but has a gun-control fanatic as sheriff, Sandra Hutchens, whom foolish voters re-elected in 2010.

It’s typical that the Left Coast doesn’t understand that, as the title of gun scholar John Lott’s book put it, “More Guns, Less Crime.” (Now available for just $3.42 on Kindle.)

The reason is that, when honest, law-abiding citizens carry concealed guns, criminals don’t know which potential victim is armed, and which unarmed. So crime goes down.

Here’s the map. It’s obvious that the green, freedom-loving areas should be split off from the red, repressive, pro-criminal areas.

Jan. 3, 2012



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