Bob Dutton Loves Big Government, Eminent Domain and Debt Spending

Steven Greenhut: Sen. Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga, epitomizes why the state’s Republican Party is going the way of the dinosaur. Now that redevelopment agencies are dead, Dutton is looking for a way to revive these eminent-domain-abusing, debt-spending, tax wastrels through a devious bill, SB 986. On Twitter, Dutton wholeheartedly agreed with this editorial extolling the virtues of these vestiges of crony capitalism. Dutton is running for a congressional seat now held by Gary Miller. Miller has his problems, but he recently co-sponsored a bill that would ban the abuse of eminent domain while Dutton is promoting a bill that would expand its abuse. Apparently, Dutton is running as the Obama candidate — the advocate for crony capitalism, bailouts, debt spending and fiscal irresponsibility, and the enemy of limited government and property rights. With Republicans as bad as Dutton, who needs Democrats?

MARCH 8, 2012

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