Politicians are the one-percent

April 20, 2012

By Katy Grimes

The Sacramento Bee is shilling today for “sustainable communities,” another way to describe global warming.

“The Sacramento Area Council of Governments board on Thursday approved what’s called a “Sustainable Communities Strategy,” what the Bee refers to as “a guide for cities, counties and transportation agencies to collaborate on getting more houses and apartments near jobs, and more jobs and housing near transit.”

I hear this kind of talk and all I think of is the Cabrini Green housing project in Detroit, or the former Soviet Union, the single-party state ruled by the Communist Party.

Elitist leftists always have these great planned community ideas–for other people. They don’t want to live this way.

“Sacramento is the third region in California to put together a sustainable communities plan. San Diego and Los Angeles just did. The Bay Area is next. They all stem from a law by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, that pushes metro areas to build more compactly from the inside,” the Bee wrote.

The law referred to by the Bee by Steinberg, is SB 375, a companion bill to AB 32, and probably will cause even more damage to the state. AB 32 is California’s global warming solution.

It’s not just about ending global warming anymore, California now can expand state government legally, and steal even more from taxpayers. And it is doing this through the state’s Air Resources Board, a scary, unaccountable state agency of appointed officials.

SB 375 requires California’s Air Resources Board to develop regional reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions, and requires the reduction of emissions from vehicles throughout the state. What AB 32 didn’t cover, SB 375 did.

The Air Resources Board explains: SB 375 “enhances California’s ability to reach its AB 32 goals by promoting good planning with the goal of more sustainable communities.”

However, the sustainable communities goals created by the CARB were so outlandish, California officials now have a license to steal more from taxpayers.

Analysts say that the massive emission reduction targets will undoubtedly result in higher gas prices (as high as 9$ per gallon), will increase all travel costs by estimates of more than 450 percent, will increase taxes and add new taxes, and the ultimate goal to force more and more people to live in high-rise boxes and take public transportation. 

The list below is just a few of the organizations which supported SB 375:

Audubon Society of California

California Building Industry Association

California Building and Construction Trades Council

California League of Cities

California Major Builders Council

California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation

California State Association of Counties

Housing California

Sacramento Area Council of Governments

Do you see a pattern? This is exactly what special interest looks like–unions and government.

While Democrats continue to complain about predatory lending, they ignore the fact that it was their party which forced these lending practices through legislatively in order to allow people who could not qualify for home loans, to suddenly buy homes. But when the recession hit, these were the people who were suddenly victims, “hit hardest by the recession.”

Now Democrats and global warming activists want to build sustainable communities for people who can’t afford their mortgages.

Sen. Steinberg and other Democratic lawmakers do not live the way that they have mandated for  the rest of us… politicians are the 1 percent.

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