Bad weather: I want my tax money back!

Aug. 17, 2012

By John Seiler

The only reason anyone in his right mind lives in California and pays massive high taxes is for the great weather.

But the weather has been terrible. I live half a mile from the beach in Huntington Beach. Unlike Gov. Jerry Brown and other rich folks, I don’t have air conditioning. Here’s what I’m putting up with at 2:30 pm:

And it looks like we’re going to have thunderstorms tonight.

Hot, muggy, stormy. That’s what I left in Michigan! Where the taxes are lower and you can get a decent house in a great neighborhood for $100,000. And Michigan’s unemployment rate, 9 percent, now is much lower than California’s staggering 10.7 percent.

Here’s the weather in my home town at 5:30 Michigan time (2:30 California). It doesn’t start getting cooler there for about an hour, so this is an apt comparison:


For days like this, all state taxes should be canceled. No sales taxes. And income and property taxes should be cut by 1/365th for each day the weather is horrible.

If they don’t, I’m calling U-Haul.


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  1. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 17 August, 2012, 16:05


    I see your point, but as I have told many people….you don’t live here because of SUMMER weather…..summer is nice is most places. Including Michigan. (And I’ve spent some time in the small lakes in Waterford Township, just south of Pontiac.)

    You live here because of WINTER weather. When it’s 72 degrees here in January and 27 degrees in Wayne.

    My dad came out from Detroit’s eastside in ’56. “Tired of shoveling snow”, he always said.

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  2. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 17 August, 2012, 16:43

    whoa! PACK AND SHIP!

    We sell boxes….

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  3. us citizen
    us citizen 17 August, 2012, 17:17

    Gee John, you sound like a whiney give me liberal! 🙂

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  4. CalifNativeComesHome
    CalifNativeComesHome 17 August, 2012, 22:12

    Came back to help an elderly mom. Otherwise, I would still be living in CO where the skies are blue, the mountains are green, my car registration was $67, a fishing license was $20 and I could by ammo in the local sporting goods store.
    Family makes us do strange things.

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  5. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 18 August, 2012, 01:10

    MI is awesome in Spring and summer, high humidty in summer though…….

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  6. Tax Target
    Tax Target 18 August, 2012, 05:14

    I can go live elsewhere for good winter weather… Like Arizona. We are seriously considering doing just that. The fact is that many people who are tax targets will move to either Nevada or Arizona…

    I’m looking forward to watching Kalifornsky go bankrupt – I can’t wait! It is perhaps the only thing that just maybe could have an impact on runaway spending. I want Kalifornsky to fail so that those that have bought this state’s bonds get burned and will no have future appetite to lend money to the children in the legislature who have their heads up their butts.

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  7. sidewinderaz
    sidewinderaz 18 August, 2012, 05:53

    Gee John, you’re starting to sound a lot like those whiney liberals. Don’t you have ceiling fans and windows in your house or office? But even at 92 degrees, the humidity here is by far more tolerable than it is in MI. I’ve been in VA, TX (gulf coast), OH & DE in the summer and all I can say is YUCK! Being a desert rat anyway I’ll take the 100 plus temps and low humidity over the 90 degree & 90% humidity anytime.

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  8. Barb
    Barb 18 August, 2012, 08:19

    I’m surprised someone hasn’t cried “Global Warming” yet! I’ve lived here off/on for quite some time and can remember many summers like this in NorCal. Hot, hot, hot! But the heat waves lasted a couple of weeks similar to this! Now being in SoCal, it’s the same but with more humidity! I grew up in Texas! You think this is hot? Funny enough people in TX don’t move out because of too much sun!

    Right now I’m praying for the Fog Gods to bring us some good ole’ marine fog!

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  9. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 18 August, 2012, 08:59

    You guys are right that the weather is worse elsewhere. But everything is cheaper, especially taxes!

    — John Seiler

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  10. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 18 August, 2012, 09:54

    Since we’re on climate and weather……

    that “90 degree & 90% humidity” is exceptionally rare, from a physics standpoint. (It’s the carrying capacity of air to hold moisture at different temperatures. Which is why they call it “relative” humidity.) Yes I know everyone uses the “90/90” bit…..including my wife, originally from Buffalo, when describing humid weather there…..

    But it’s an exaggeration that has somehow found it’s way into contemporary lexicon. If you were to walk outside in New Orleans on a typically very steamy, 90 degree day, you would find RH likely no more than around 70-75% —- and even at that level you would feel like you were walking in a swimming pool. (The heat index of 90 degrees and 70% humidity is 105. If, by some meteorological miracle it actually WAS 90/90—the heat index would be 122. A level almost literally off the charts – as the accompanying chart shows.)

    Science lesson of the day.

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