Bad weather: I want my tax money back!

Aug. 17, 2012

By John Seiler

The only reason anyone in his right mind lives in California and pays massive high taxes is for the great weather.

But the weather has been terrible. I live half a mile from the beach in Huntington Beach. Unlike Gov. Jerry Brown and other rich folks, I don’t have air conditioning. Here’s what I’m putting up with at 2:30 pm:

And it looks like we’re going to have thunderstorms tonight.

Hot, muggy, stormy. That’s what I left in Michigan! Where the taxes are lower and you can get a decent house in a great neighborhood for $100,000. And Michigan’s unemployment rate, 9 percent, now is much lower than California’s staggering 10.7 percent.

Here’s the weather in my home town at 5:30 Michigan time (2:30 California). It doesn’t start getting cooler there for about an hour, so this is an apt comparison:


For days like this, all state taxes should be canceled. No sales taxes. And income and property taxes should be cut by 1/365th for each day the weather is horrible.

If they don’t, I’m calling U-Haul.

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