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California seeks fourth federal disaster declaration

  Still reeling from a wild weather season, California chalked up a fourth request for federal disaster aid, as Gov. Jerry Brown lodged the request en route to Washington earlier this month. “Putting the price tag of California’s brutal winter storms at $569

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CA drought: Officials ease rules again

Nearly a year ago, when Gov. Jerry Brown announced a mandatory 25 percent reduction in state water use, it looked like Californians were in for a long era of constant conservation demands, even with anticipation of winter El Nino storms. Brown’s

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The ‘continued erosion’ in news media

March 20, 2013 By Katy Grimes Is it any surprise that sports, weather and traffic now account for 40 percent of the content on television newscasts? “In 2012, a continued erosion of news reporting resources converged with growing opportunities for those

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Bad weather: I want my tax money back!

Aug. 17, 2012 By John Seiler The only reason anyone in his right mind lives in California and pays massive high taxes is for the great weather. But the weather has been terrible. I live half a mile from the

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Fahrenheit 78

John Seiler: Today, January 17, the Year of Our Lord 2011, in Huntington Beach it was Fahrenheit 78 degrees, the most beautiful day I’ve ever seen. It was July in January. That’s why we Californians put up with the sky-high

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