Greenmail lives in San Diego, making PLA ban irrelevant

Nov. 9, 2012

By Chris Reed

In June, San Diego voters overwhelmingly approved a ban on project labor agreements. But they can’t do anything about greenmail, so guess what: CEQA threats have persuaded Mayor Jerry Sanders to give in to union demands on a hugely costly project:

“Organized labor has dropped its opposition to the planned expansion of the San Diego Convention Center after winning a number of concessions aimed at protecting workers, ensuring local hiring and guaranteeing defined benefits.

“The agreement to support the expansion, announced by Mayor Jerry Sanders, removes a major hurdle that threatened to derail the $520 million project.

“Labor unions, Sanders said, have agreed to not pursue further litigation and to drop lawsuits challenging the project’s environmental assessment, as well as the city’s financing plan to fund the project with an added room tax already approved by San Diego hoteliers.

It’s the San Diego way!

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