Harry Reid: Your taxes are going up even more

Harry Reid official portraitFeb. 3, 2013

By John Seiler

I saw Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on “ABC This Week” this morning. He said:

“STEPHANOPOULOS: So your position on lifting the sequester, on avoiding a government shutdown, and on extending the debt limit beyond August is any one of those deals must include new revenues?

“REID: And, yes, the answer is definitely yes. And I’ve got a pretty good fan base for that: the American people, Republicans, Democrats and independents.”

Of course, Democrats will sell it as taxing only “the rich” who must “pay their fair share.”

Of course, Republicans will resist, insisting that they’re firmly against all new taxes — until the last minute, when they cave in.

And of course, the middle class will get walloped again with new taxes, just as we did on Jan. 1, when taxes on “the rich” to “pay their fair share” hit 77 percent of Americans who work. My own two paychecks so far this year have been massively reduced by the gargantuan new tax increases the “soak the rich” Democrats and “Read my lips! No new taxes!” Republicans imposed on me.

They don’t care about you, Mr. & Mrs. Middle-Class American. Except as you are their slave and contribute to lavish lifestyles of your slavemasters. As I have noted, Washington, D.C. now includes the top three richest counties in America, and seven of the top 10.

As I wrote earlier, I’m meeting the massive tax increases with massive reductions in my own spending. That means my money, instead of going to productive enterprises such as restaurants and book companies, instead will go to the parasite wastrels in D.C.

A smart phone I was thinking about buying? Forget it. I’m making due with my three-year-old flip “dumb phone.” Silicon Valley and the cell phone companies will just have do to without my money.

By spending less on the private sector and being forced to spend more on the government sector, the economy will take a hit.

But that’s what is wanted by Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, and by President Obama. They’re the ones who lash our backs with whips so we pay higher taxes. And it’s going to continue until the whole slave system goes bankrupt, which it is. And it can’t happen soon enough.


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  1. Hondo
    Hondo 4 February, 2013, 10:18

    As Amerika has just been led into a recession by Obama and Reid, I think the Republicans may just get a pair in their sacks and put a stop any new tax increases. But I said that last time,too.

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