Et tu, Dan? Bee columnist omits Obama view of fracking

July 8, 2013

By Chris Reed

In writing about how California journalists simply refuse to acknowledge that the Obama administration considers fracking to be safe — a huge endorsement, given that Barack Obama is the greenest president in history — I suggested that eventually Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters might play his occasional role of contrarian and point out the truth.

“On fracking, I look forward to Dan Walters eventually fulfilling his periodic role of pointing out the stupidity of the media party line, like he has this year on budget happy talk and like he did back in late 2006 when reporters actually bought the idea that Arnold Schwarzenegger had figured out to make Sacramento functional.”

But that proved too much to hope for, alas. In the Walters column posted online Sunday, Dan joined the club of California journalists who somehow think it’s irrelevant that the Obama administration sees fracking as safe, as The New York Times and The Huffington Post have reported. Here’s Danny:

“Fracking has been used in California for many years and is generally considered a relatively low-risk technique. But pumping deadly acids into the ground is, to many, potentially dangerous.”

Yo, Dan: Isn’t it relevant the U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell disagrees? Dan? Dan? Dan? Here’s Sally:

“I know there are those who say fracking is dangerous and should be curtailed, full stop. That ignores the reality that it has been done for decades and has the potential for developing significant domestic resources and strengthening our economy and will be done for decades to come.”

Dan? Dan? Dan?


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