Trump incites divisive opinions in CA

Gage Skidmore / flickr

Gage Skidmore / flickr

On the strength of an explosive presidential campaign that has pushed him out to an early lead in some polls of Republican contenders, Donald Trump has changed the political conversation in California, where members of both political parties have not hesitated in making him a political football.

Livid Democrats

Although Republican candidates across the country have found themselves muting their criticism of Trump — not wanting to draw even more media attention away from their own campaigns — Democrats have railed against him, especially in progressive states. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has stood virtually alone in backing up Trump’s more incendiary remarks, drawing a rebuke from Sacramento Democrats hoping to officially condemn both candidates.

As the Los Angeles Times reported, state Sen. Isadore Hall III, D-Compton, “offered a resolution blasting Trump for calling Mexican immigrants ‘rapists’ and drug-runners during his campaign kickoff last month.” In an interview, Hall told the Times it was intolerable “to have a president who is representing California,  [which has] the largest population of immigrants, calling immigrants rapists and thugs and criminals. We don’t have a place for that. California is a place of inclusion.”

Hall’s bill, SR39, would do more than merely criticize Trump and Cruz; it “calls upon the State of California to divest from Donald Trump, The Trump Organization, and any affiliated entities,” while urging “private businesses and individuals throughout California to end all business ties with Donald Trump, The Trump Organization, and any affiliated entities[.]”

According to the Los Angeles Times, which compared Trump to former Gov. Pete Wilson, “there was a flashback quality to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s hour-long denunciation of illegal immigration at a campaign stop Friday in Beverly Hills.”

“He appeared with a group of people who have lost family members in crimes or traffic accidents involving immigrants in the country illegally. ‘The illegals come in, and the illegals kill their children,’ Trump said.”

Complications for Harris

Influential figures in the state GOP, meanwhile, have trained their fire on Trump’s connections to the opposing party, which have extended remarkably far into recent times.

Shawn Steel, a member of the Republican National Committee and a former chairman of the California Republican Party, went after Trump’s support for state Attorney General Kamala Harris, the leading candidate to replace outgoing Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. “In the past four years, Harris’s campaign has accepted a total of $6,000 in campaign contributions from Trump — with the most recent contribution on February 20, 2013,” wrote Steel at the Flash Report. “When national embarrassment Donald Trump isn’t busy attacking immigrants, he’s writing big checks to Democrat Kamala Harris,” he continued, calling on Harris to “denounce” Trump’s words and “give her ‘Donald Dollars’ to charity.”

Harris was just one of two Democrats Trump donated to since 2012, according to Politifact. “Data from the Federal Election Commission and state elections offices provided by the two websites show that Trump has given $584,850 to Democrats and $961,140 to the GOP over the last 26 years,” the site noted.

The connection threatened to complicate Harris’s current posture toward Trump. The two have staked out starkly different positions on immigration, with Trump recently slamming the “sanctuary city” status of San Francisco — where Harris laid the groundwork for her political future by serving as its District Attorney. Under pressure in the wake of a stunning murder along the city’s waterfront, perpetrated by an unlawful immigrant, Harris refused to criticize San Francisco’s lenient approach.

“Let’s react to that specific case in prosecuting that specific murder, and making sure he faces very swift consequences and accountability,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle. “On the issue of immigration policy, let’s be smarter.” Turning to Trump’s comments on the matter, she described him as “‘ignorant’ and representative of ‘someone who clearly cannot be a leader,'” according to the Chronicle.


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  1. Dude
    Dude 18 July, 2015, 09:34

    Biased author. We’re not “muting criticism”. We agreeing with and applauding his honesty.

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  2. Ken
    Ken 18 July, 2015, 10:05

    Truth has a way of making everyone squirm, and it always has caused near panic in the total self-delusionary horrid mess that my home state California has become.Much more newsworthy would be to attack some of the truly insane and anti-American actions of Governor Jerry Brown, a man ideologically suited more for Nogales, than California. Our governor and our legislature is a disgrace. That is news.

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  3. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 18 July, 2015, 14:43

    Trump is right on immigration and failing to secure the borders. His problem is his biggest in the world ego. He would never be able to compromise on ANYTHING because he thinks he knows it all. He doesn’t. He reminds me a bit of Ross Perot in 92, but much more rough on the edges and less charisma, but they both had that “I am the smartest/best/greatest thing to ever happen to Planet Earth” ego/mentality….as much as I liked Perot, and Trumps border messages, they could never un the country because they could never work with other people, their ego’s are too big.

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  4. desmond
    desmond 18 July, 2015, 14:49

    Trump has obviousl identified issues that many don t want to talk about. Many people I talk too are glad he has raised the topic of criminal immigration. There are a others like bug-eyed lunatic Luis Gutierrez, us rep. Illinois, and this incredibly ignorant, soon to be imprisoned for corruption, the dishonorable Isadore Hall.
    Imagine, Russia and China conquer the USA and occupy the mainland. Who do you think are going to be the slaves ?

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  5. californianative
    californianative 18 July, 2015, 18:15

    I could never vote for Trump. Someone with that much money with hair that looks that bad can’t possibly be fit for the Presidency!

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  6. Queeg
    Queeg 18 July, 2015, 19:22

    Frankly, Jindal and Carson appear to have looked pretty reasonable/stable considering all the withering fire among these collective bought and paid for phonies.

    Trump senses the average Comrade is getting ripped ……what is so great about outsourcing work to foreign slaves? Are you proud of yourself? Disgusting.

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  7. BeeRee
    BeeRee 19 July, 2015, 12:06

    The more the naysayers squirm and fret the more I am convinced that we are being led around by the noses by the establishment in all branches of the government local, state, and federal. I will not succumb to any of it anymore nor listen to those who contrive to put free speech out of reach by digging for the worst in those who speak the truth; Donald Trump, for example. We have become people who are being led rather than the free thinkers and spokespeople we were meant to be!

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  8. Ted
    Ted 20 July, 2015, 13:44

    The Ted LOVES Trump– what’s not to like?
    Ignorant, loud, hurts the teabaggers, insures a 2016 loss for the Repub’s

    LOVE him!

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  9. bob
    bob 20 July, 2015, 16:15

    No fan of Trump but he is saying things that need to be said. And I love the way he has the DemoNcrats and RepublowCons up in arms, especially Johnny McWar.

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  10. Bill Gore
    Bill Gore 21 July, 2015, 07:17

    Anyone who can rip the american flag off of John Forrestal McTraitor and expose the wretched little warmongering neocon creep deserves to be heard and applauded. McCain’s career is a mockery of the honor of the US Navy, the US Senate and every other institution he’s been shoehorned into as the extremely privileged son and grandson of admirals.

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  11. bob
    bob 21 July, 2015, 09:20

    And don’t forget that McCain’s dad covered up the USS Liberty masacre. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

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  12. Ted
    Ted 21 July, 2015, 13:43

    Look at the above comments
    That’s your party!
    If you defend Trump– YOU are defending a guy who makes ignorant and racist comments– what does that say about you? Anything? Hellooooo McFly!

    And then he attacks McCains war record? What on earth has happened to the GOP— pathetic.

    Reagan, Nixon, Goldwater rolling over in the grave—-

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    • Bill Gore
      Bill Gore 21 July, 2015, 15:36

      Ron and Nancy seriously disliked (i.e. hated) McStain and didn’t trust him at all. Ditto Nixon. Just sayin’…..
      Donald Trump ripping the soiled american flag off of McLiar, who has wrapped himself so tightly in it for so long, just gives me shivers….And I don’t even like Trump. I would vote for ANY demoncrat over McDemon, even Angela Davis!

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  13. Ted
    Ted 21 July, 2015, 13:47

    Watch closely girls===

    You are watching the GOP give another 8 in the WH to my Dems! AGAIN it is thiers to lose and lose they are— Repubs for the most part rallying behind the racist loon Trump— look at the above reader comments! My word this is fun if it wasn’t so sad for the Nation…

    Hillary might as well start to think about the new curtains for 2016— hard to imagine how so called conservatives can be this stupid—-

    discuss doomera…

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    • Bill Gore
      Bill Gore 21 July, 2015, 15:41

      I voted for Obama over McTurd. Yup. And I once met McStain, in Phoenix. He’s a LITTLE guy, maybe 5’8″, white as copy paper, with dilated black pupils. Very demonic……Perfect ‘war hero’ for this country….

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  14. desmond
    desmond 21 July, 2015, 18:47

    Ted, And Queeg, and the Ahaul…you will be a maggot feast when we fix. I will personally exhume you to defecate on you. Something to look forward to…might even chomp on a bean and cheese burrito the night before to add to add an ironic twist.

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  15. Deserttrek
    Deserttrek 22 July, 2015, 15:20

    trump is correct .. anybody who lives in california and thinks illegal aliens are a benefit needs mental help and fast

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  16. desmond
    desmond 22 July, 2015, 18:09

    Understood, light on the habeneros.

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