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San Francisco police chief may be in jeopardy

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr’s future has come into doubt in recent days as four members of his city’s 12-member Board of Supervisors have joined protesters in calling for his ouster. Now newspaper analysis pieces are wondering how long

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All eyes on CA police bodycam policy

Body cameras for police officers have reached the forefront of California’s legislative agenda. After a spate of enforcement scandals that raised the ire of many in Los Angeles, bodycams began to catch on as a policy measure that could shield police from wrongful litigation and protect citizens

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Caltrans project drags on, still no lanes

Jan. 15, 2013 By Katy Grimes For at least four to six months, the Capitol City Freeway (I-80) in Sacramento has been devoid of painted lanes. I took this photo last week, driving West on I-80, near P. Street, and

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