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Survey: Californians support state’s environmental laws, could do more

Californians think the state could do more and spend more to clean up the environment, according to a new poll. According to a Public Policy Institute of California poll released Wednesday, a majority of Californians support government efforts to improve the

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Study: Green power worst way to cut CO2

  This is Part 1 of a two-part series. Most people probably know more about Cap’n Crunch cereal than about California’s complicated cap-and-trade air emissions regulation program.  But according to a new study, perhaps Cap’n Crunch would be a better

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Great Recession short-circuits CARB’s Cap and Trade auction

March 5, 2013 By Wayne Lusvardi Recessions are painful, especially for those who lost their jobs. But there is one upside to less economic activity: lower levels of pollution. Ironically, the Great Recession short-circuited the California Air Resources Board’s auctions

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Carbon credit value of 393,000 Long Beach trees sinks to zero

Aug. 27, 2012 By Wayne Lusvardi The value of 393,000 trees in the City of Long Beach in the state’s Cap and Trade pollution credit market dropped from about $1.7 million to zero on Aug. 24. The reason: the California

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Cap & Trade parasite bill signals civil war on business

May 31, 2012 By Wayne Lusvardi Speaker John A. Perez’s push of Assembly Bill 1532 through the State Assembly on Tuesday, May 29, signals a shift from regulation of air pollution to an outright civil war on business and industry

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