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Faulconer election won’t stop ‘Los Angelization’ of San Diego politics

On Tuesday, San Diego voters will decide between two City Council members in a special election to fill the remaining 33 months of the mayoral term of disgraced, resigned Bob Filner. The early conventional wisdom was that the clear favorite

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High tech may save CA, but it will definitely doom privacy

I’m all for technological advances. In fact, I’ve slowly come around to the wild-sounding idea that scientific breakthroughs just might save California from decline by creating so much wealth and free stuff that eventually we will live in what Slate

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Californians like sprawl far more than ‘smart growth’ 5

June 25, 2013 By Chris Reed California’s official embrace of trendy “smart growth” — the policy/religion that assumes it’s best for individuals, communities and Gaia for most people to live in densely packed areas near transportation hubs, so they don’t

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