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CA utilities commission plays dangerous game with power grid security

The latest tit-for-tat between lawmakers and the California Public Utilities Commission has brought back bad memories of an in-state — and unsolved — national security threat. The tiff began when the CPUC “hired outside lawyers as federal and state investigators

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SD26: Coastal Los Angeles state Senate race tests non-partisan brand

Political analysts say it’s too soon to evaluate the impacts of California’s top-two election system. But this year a coastal Los Angeles state Senate seat will provide a vital case study on the effects of the new system. In the 26th Senate district,

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U.S. Dems ask NFL, NBA for advice on climate change 7

Feb. 1, 2013 By Katy Grimes Reader warning: Only read this story if you have low blood pressure; this could make your head explode. If you were on-the-fence about man-made climate change, this should finally knock you off and bring

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S.F.’s hypocrisy on water 0

July 26, 2012 By John Seiler Our colleague Steven Greenhut just wrote for Bloomberg on San Francisco’s hypocrisy on water. Read the whole thing here. Key graphs: “Consider their response after a group called the Yosemite Restoration Campaign collected enough signatures to

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Will Prop. 23 kill American troops? 0

SEPT. 22, 2010 By JOHN SEILER You know a campaign is going ballistic when the terrorism threat is brought up, even in a context seemingly not connected. That has happened with Proposition 23, which would suspend AB32 until unemployment in

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