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MWD’s biggest customer rips it in online campaign

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California — the giant water wholesaler which supplies 19 million people — finds itself the target of an unusual campaign by the San Diego County Water Authority, which has been both MWD’s biggest customer

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Wary Palm Springs guards its cheap, plentiful water

The California narrative about water is generally a tidy tale about the arid south scrambling to come up with water from the relatively wet north. But plenty of other angles deserve mention, starting with the fact that the state’s best-known

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Will MWD try — again — to sabotage client seeking new water supplies?

I’ve been a journalist in Socal since 1990, and I’ve never seen a story about government behavior as strange as the ones about the giant Metropolitan Water District of Southern California trying to sabotage its biggest client’s efforts to broaden

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Prop. 26 wins San Diego water war

  Remember Proposition 26, the Stop Hidden Taxes Initiative, passed by 52.5 percent of California’s voters in 2010?  Probably no one who voted at that time had any idea Prop. 26 would help resolve — at least for now — the 68-year

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San Diego Wheels, Deals and Sues for Water

Commentary May 7, 2012 By Wayne Lusvardi San Diego’s recent transfer of excess agricultural water from Imperial County has been the only major addition to urban water sources for Southern California for decades. The transfer is the largest agriculture-to-urban water transfer in

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