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Contra Costa County government scandal: Third World R Us?

It’s long been common in politics for one side to comment on how alleged wrongdoing is covered by the media if their side does it versus how it’s covered if it’s the other side doing it. But this tactic and/or

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CA going Third World

It took California more than a century to rid itself of Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that spreads yellow fever, by the 1970s. It has taken less than 40 years for it to make a comeback, a clear sign that California quickly

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San Diego mayor resumes public-employee enrichment schemes 8

March 14, 2013 By Chris Reed Well, that didn’t take long. Bob Filner — a paleoliberal former Democratic congressman who was elected mayor of San Diego in November — is embracing the same sort of ridiculously generous public-employee compensation policies

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