Meg's Sell-Out Earns Union $$$

Steven Greenhut: GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s sell out on pension reform — she’s for reform, but has exempted most public safety employees from the lower benefit — is paying off in the form of a large independent expenditure from a public employee union. She’s receiving $450,000 in support from a law enforcement PAC. Reports the Bay Citizen, “The money — from a group largely financed by Los Angeles law enforcement officers—came after Whitman carved out an exception for public safety workers in her plan to reform pensions.” Whitman supporters are painting the IE as evidence of law enforcement’s fear of Jerry Brown’s “soft on crime” position, but cop unions are always more interested in protecting their huge pensions than in policy issues. Don’t expect Whitman to enact any serious reform when it comes to pensions.

OCT. 7

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