Legislating To Giants

Katy Grimes: This morning, the Assembly took time to honor the San Francisco Giants. A very excited Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, gave a rousing speech wearing a Giants shirt and hat.

That’s nice.

Yet the Giants have been honored in many ceremonies since they won the world series. A very important Congressional bill, courtesy of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, was introduced in December “Congratulating the San Francisco Giants on Winning the 2010 World Championship.”

And over in the Senate, requests for adjournments in memoriam for deceased Californians took place after swearing in former Republican Assemblyman Ted Gaines as the new Senator for District 1 following his win on Tuesday, filling the seat left vacant with the death of Sen. Dave Cox.

After this exhausting morning of conducting the people’s work, both the Assembly and Senate adjourned until Monday.

Do they care about having a 9 percent approval rating from the people they represent?

JAN. 6, 2011

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