Union backs union candidate!

Steven Greenhut: Here’s a dog-bites-man story from Orange County, where liberal Republican Todd Spitzer, a staunch union ally who foisted unsustainable pension benefits on the county as supervisor, just was endorsed by a law-enforcement association (union) for his new run for the seat. Per the Spitzer camp: “The Association of Orange County Deputy District Attorneys has given Todd Spitzer their ‘enthusiastic endorsement’ in his campaign for County Supervisor in the 3rd district. The endorsement of the county’s criminal prosecutors was actively sought by both Spitzer and his only opponent, ex-State Assemblyman Chuck Devore.”

Of course, some of the beneficiaries of Spitzer’s largesse (actually, taxpayer largess dished out by Spitzer) will endorse him. And Spitzer can always be counted on to support anything the law enforcement unions want, so this is about as surprising as, well, the teachers unions supporting Jerry Brown.

JUNE 30, 2011

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  1. Keep da Peace
    Keep da Peace 8 July, 2011, 15:50

    And you don’t think the endorsement was a direct result of the hatred of the AOCDA for T-rack? I see that as the hidden truth here. If Spitzer were to be endorsed by OCEA, or OCMA or even the SEIU, I would think your disdain justified. But, lawyers? C’mon. Everybody know lawyers hang together. Just look at the state legislature. Spitzer has also acknowledged, time and again, his mistake in voting for enhance pension benefits but it was, at the time, the thing to do. How many times does he have to take a mia culpa before he is absolved of the johnny-come-lately sin? And, I guess we don’t mind forgetting how Devore pandered to the OCFFA back around the same time of the decade. Hey, at least you didn’t slam pensions directly this time.

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