Lord Mockton Debunks Global ‘Warming’

MARCH 22, 2012


A visit to California from Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, promised to be full of his telltale wit, knowledge and controversy, as well as plenty of science. Lord Monckton did not disappoint.

As California is on the verge of its first cap-and-trade carbon auction, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, R-Bakersfield, invited Lord Monckton to address the Legislature, and arranged for him to make several presentations throughout California over the next few days.

Grove sent out invitations to each of the 120 state legislators, but only a handful of Republicans accepted to participate in the hearing. And only one Democrat attended the hearing — Sen. Rod Wright, D-Inglewood.

Monckton’s message is important as well as scientific: Most climate change science is bogus, and California can and should stop the quest for ending climate change on our own before the state’s economy is completely destroyed.  Monckton has consulted many governments around the world about climate change.

Mockton, together with Tom Tanton, a renewable energy expert and special consultant to the energy and technology industries, testified to a packed room in a special legislative hearing Wednesday on climate change and carbon trade. Tanton and Monckton gave an even more detailed presentation at an event later that evening.

New California Tax Scheme

I’ve had to sit through several years of legislative hearings lacking in science, facts and detail about the sources of climate change. After that, Monckton’s presentation about how the global warming hysteria began, how the data and science was altered and why they hysteria continues was fascinating and refreshing.

As California prepares for its first cap-and trade-auction in August, taxpayers and utility customers should all be concerned and not worry about being called “deniers.”

As I wrote in California Remedy For Eco-Guilt about AB 32’s implementation and upcoming cap-and-trade auctions, “Instead of providing affirmative plans to accomplish this feat, and answers to legislators’ questions, it became abundantly clear that no one in the state has a handle on the implementation of AB 32, the Global Warming Solution Act of 2006, or the potential repercussions from the vast law.”

Most notably, Tanton and Monckton warned taxpayers that, because Gov. Jerry Brown decided to monetize CO2 carbon emissions, and plans to tax utility customers, business owners and taxpayers for the emissions, the state stands to take in an extra $1 billion in revenues.

The new revenue stream is not new money coming into the state, but an additional $1 billion from the same old sources — businesses, manufacturers, utility customers, homeowners, property owners, automobile owners and taxpayers.

Overall, if California continues down the road of selling and trading carbon emission credits, it will cost the state $450 billion by 2020. Monckton found that even with $450 billion spent, the impact to curb total global emissions will be closde to nil — just 0.4 percent will have been abated.

Just the Science, Please

Monkton went through an elaborate presentation and showed the data, charts and graphs originally used by the United Nation International Panel on Climate Change, when it concluded that man-made global warming must be stopped. But Monckton found that the original science and data had been altered in order to further the agenda, and force the West to comply with the international rules. Monckton also showed the altered data, and the changes were staggering and obvious.

Tanton said that California is already the third best state in the United States in the carbon intensity of our economy. The United States is four times better than China, and better than the average of all other countries.

Even with this information, Tanton warned that cap-and-trade is going to come at a very high cost to Californians. Families will be forced to pay thousands of dollars more out of their budgets each year, and the state will lose more than 100,000 more jobs in 2012 — on top of the 650,000 manufacturing jobs lost since AB 32 was made law.

By 2020, California stands to lose more than 1 million more jobs, just because of the state’s climate change laws.

“This state grew because of manufacturing,” said Sen. Wright. “If we want a policy of no manufacturing, the we should tell the rest of the manufacturers, instead of bleeding them dry — tell them ‘you should get out.’”

A 2011 Rasmussen poll found that 69 per cent of 1,000 respondents believed it at least “somewhat likely” that climate scientists had falsified their research data to support the case for catastrophic human-caused global warming. Forty per cent of respondents said falsification of research data was “very likely.” Only 22 percent  responded that they were sure that climate scientists had not falsified data.

California Over-Regulation

California already suffers from over-regulation. Monckton and Tanton addressed California’s 40-year ban on most offshore drilling, despite the 15 billion barrels of oil available. Their concern, besides the decisions made on faulty and fraudulent science, is that California already suffers from record unemployment, high taxes and a $6 billion deficit, and is facing a potential unfunded pension meltdown.

According to Monckton and Tanton, adding more taxes onto the backs of business owners and utility customers will only cause the wealthy and more employers to flee California.

“Rich Californians are fleeing the state, taking their jobs with them,” said Monckton. “Intel says it will never build another plant here; Globalstar, Trizetto, and eEye fled in just one month; Boeing, Toyota, Apple, Facebook, and DirecTV have all fled,” said Monckton, referring to expansions by those companies, al though some of their headquarters remain here. “The wagons are heading east.”

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  1. Forget the legislature, it's now up to citizens at the local level
    Forget the legislature, it's now up to citizens at the local level 22 March, 2012, 10:24

    Monckton should have been here in 2006 to talk to Gov. Schwarzenegger. The state’s Global Warming Solutions train (via high speed rail?) has now left the LEED-certified station (powered by solar collectors).

    The actual work of imposing the state’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Assembly Bill 32) and Senate Bill 375 on the citizenry will fall on local governments and their appointed climate change advisory committees.

    The Institute for Local Government has a web page that outlines the expectations for local governments to comply with Assembly Bill 32 and Senate Bill 375:


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  2. GnawtheGnuandtheGnat
    GnawtheGnuandtheGnat 22 March, 2012, 10:26

    To end this debate once and for all, the Assembly Natural Resources Committee needs to invite Bolivian President Evo Morales to speak about the threat of climate change and what really needs to be done to stop it. Here are excerpts from his interview with Democracy Now! at the 2009 Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference:

    “Capitalism is the worst enemy of humanity. Capitalism – and I’m speaking about irrational development – policies of unlimited industrialization are what destroys the environment. And that irrational industrialization is capitalism. So as long as we don’t review or revise those policies, it’s impossible to attend to humanity and life…It’s changing economic policies, ending luxury, consumerism. It’s ending the struggle to -or this searching for living better. Living better is to exploit human beings. It’s plundering natural resources. It’s egoism and individualism. Therefore, in those promises of capitalism, there is no solidarity or complementarity. There’s no reciprocity. So that’s why we’re trying to think about other ways of living lives and living well, not living better. Not living better. Living better is always at someone else’s expense. Living better is at the expense of destroying the environment…Defense of the rights of Mother Earth. The earth is our life. Nature is our home, our house. Happily, the United Nations have declared a Mother Earth Day. If the mother is recognized as Mother Earth, it’s something that can’t be sold, it’s something that can’t be – it can’t be violated, something sacred. This is nature. This is planet earth. And that’s why I’ve come here, to defend the rights of Mother Earth, to defend the rights to life, to defend humanity and saving Mother Earth…After the destruction of Mother Earth, it’s important to recognize the rights of Mother Earth. And the best way to recognize this is by paying a climate debt…Looking forward means that we have to review everything that capitalism has done. These are things that cannot just be solved with money. We have to resolve problems of life and humanity. And that’s the problem that planet earth faces today. And this means ending capitalism…Those who do damage to planet earth and those who do damage need to be judged. Those who do not fulfill the terms of the Kyoto Protocol should also be judged. And for those ends, we have to organize a tribunal for climate justice in the United Nations.”

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  3. Dyspeptic Middle Aged White Guy
    Dyspeptic Middle Aged White Guy 22 March, 2012, 10:45

    Another excellent article detailing the destruction of the once golden state by the environmental collectivist oligarchs. Sadly this is just the avant garde for what will happen nationally when The Demagogue-In-Chief gets re-elected and the cowardly, craven and ineffectual Republican establishment proves unable to resist his dark and dreary machinations.

    There appears to be no escape from the seemingly inevitable triumph of the totalitarian welfare/warfare statists. Bring on the panum et circenses to dull our senses and satiate our desire for immediate gratification and mindless entertainment. Maybe the resulting torpor will anesthetize us to the coming collapse of Western Civilization.

    P.S. Is it really neccessary to lard up this otherwise fine article with Moncktons silly and pretentious noble title. Aren’t we as Americans supposed to be immune to the superiority by birthright that implies?

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  4. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 22 March, 2012, 11:19

    Gnaw: Sorry, but “ending capitalism” ended in 1989, when socialism ended.

    — John Seiler

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  5. klem
    klem 22 March, 2012, 12:18

    Dear GnawtheGnuandtheGnat

    That quote from Bolivian President Evo Morales was from 2009, things have changed since then. That quote now is offensive.

    Here’s what Gloria Ishigua, President, Ashiñwaka – Association of Sápara Women, Ecuador said at Durban about the UNs REDD forest protection program “We call upon all people committed to climate justice to support life, and we implore the global community to take responsibility for reducing emission of green house gases at the source and to reject REDD+ as a false solution that breads a new form of climate racism.”

    The UN REDD program takes away control of the rainforests from the indigenous people who live there, the excuse is the the carbon stored in the rainforest trees will be sold off to northern polluting corporations. It’s northern colonialism all over agian. And guess who will be buying the rainforest carbon? Places which have cap&trade systems, that’s the EU and soon California. That’s right, you people. This is the path you are heading down.

    Using rainforest trees as carbon offsets for cap&Trade programs is an outrage. You people must wake up before you are committed to contributing to this atrocity. Once you have Cap&Trade you cannot get rid of it, the genie will never go back into the bottle.

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  6. Hank
    Hank 22 March, 2012, 14:18

    Also at last nights proceedings Lord Monckton revealed that a movement is afoot to question the actions between UC and CARB. The people are from Europe and England in the scientific, real scientific community. Specifically,UCLA’s actions. Then today at the monthly CARB board meeting they went on about how they welcome and encourage differing views. Unfortunately there seems to be on going scheduling conflicts that don’t allow anyone from CARB to show up, ever, anywhere. Is that why science is hard?

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  7. Dyspeptic Middle Aged White Guy
    Dyspeptic Middle Aged White Guy 22 March, 2012, 16:20

    Hey “GnawtheGnuandtheGnat” instead of mindlessly regurgitating the repulsive rhetoric of some third rate, third world socialist hustler why don’t you excercise some brain cells and compose your own missive regarding the alleged glories of totalitarian environmentalism. Anyone can cut and paste but it takes at least a modicum of thoughfulness to express your own opinion in writing.

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  8. Bill-San Jose
    Bill-San Jose 23 March, 2012, 00:11

    Service oriented jobs is not job growth. Without manufacturing, you have a false structure to your tax base.

    Sacramento is the problem, not Washington. Again, the keep tahoe blue crowd are the same folks driving the Suburban up to the lake who haven’t had a manufacturing job since the mid 70s. Old people suck.


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  9. Dave London UK
    Dave London UK 23 March, 2012, 04:32

    We have the same problems here in the UK

    Told that global warming is the biggest threat we face the government have decided to tackle this by imposing £40b a year in green taxes upon an already highly taxed population – without guaranteeing any reduction in emissions at all

    As to global attempts to co-ordinate carbon emission reduction once again its money thats mentioned more than the science at the various climate summits

    The poor countries want money from the rich and the rich want an excuse to raise yet more in tax from their own populace

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  10. Geo-South Bay
    Geo-South Bay 24 March, 2012, 10:43

    Bill-San Jose I am one of those “Old People” and although in your opinion I may suck, I also agree with you. In my 70+ years I have driven to the lake and also think the environment is important. However, the economic well-being of the state is every bit as important and people trump the extremist views of non-producing environmentalists every time. Driving manufacturing out of California to “save the air” and curtailing agricultural irrigation in the name of saving fish will eventually have a major negative impact on our tax base. We are heading down the wrong road.

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  11. Paul Magnus
    Paul Magnus 27 March, 2012, 10:50

    Come on guys. Please do accurate research on the characters that you invite to address your assembly. Monckton has a lot to answer to and seems to be quite misleading about GW. Why dont you invite someone from the US National Academy of Science to address you on this issue?


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  12. Paul Magnus
    Paul Magnus 27 March, 2012, 10:51

    Please do accurate research on the characters that you invite to address your assembly. Monckton has a lot to answer to and seems to be quite misleading about GW. Why dont you invite someone from the US National Academy of Science to address you on this issue?Come on guys.


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