College is ‘a racket’

College is ‘a racket’

May 4, 2012

By John Seiler

I salute the rising generation! Although they are subjected to P.C. brainwashing from preschool through graduate or professional school, may are rebelling.

In the following video, a smart girl bids her “farewell to college.” And it’s from the University of Utah, supposedly one of the more “conservative” schools around, because it’s in Utah. But it’s really just as P.C. as other schools.

The girl says she’s in the theatre department, but mostly learns about how great socialism and Marxism are. Yet the Marxist Soviet Union collapsed more than 20 years ago! After murdering 62 million people, according to demographer R.J. Rummel. And we’re now 34 years past when China dumped Marxism, which murdered 39 million people there.

Why are our tax dollars funding the proponents of the ideology of mass murder?

It’s a “complete racket” from primary school through to college, she says, “a factory that turns out statists by the millions.”

What an inspiration.

She says the way to learn something is to learn it as a trade. After all, in her field, Shakespeare and Sophocles never suffered through a university “theatre” department Marxism brainwashing session.

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