‘Glock block’ — I’m moving to Oregon!

Glock blockJune 19, 2013

By John Seiler

This is heroic. The sheriffs in Clackamas County in Oregon have been eating too many donuts while waiting for their pensions. So crime has been rising. Now, the residents of Jennings Lodge neighborhood are taking their defense into their own hands: They declared it a “Glock Block,” protected by residents with conceal-carry permits packing heat. According to KOIN.com:

“‘We’re starting a new group,’ said Coy Tolonen, who lives in unincorporated Clackamas County. ‘We don’t feel neighborhood watch is sufficient, and we don’t feel the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is sufficient.’

“Tolomon and a group of Jennings Lodge neighbors say they’re responding to escalating crime on their block by also making fliers that read ‘This is a Glock block. We don’t call 911.’

“It’s mostly petty crime that neighbors are sick and tired of:  stolen lawn ornaments, vandalism.  But for neighbors like Tolonen, a breast-cancer survivor, that’s enough: ‘I will defend myself — and my home,”’she told KOIN 6 News.

“Tolonen recently had a beloved statue she calls ‘Lilly Rose’ stolen off her front porch. She said she even saw the man who stole it and tried to chase him down — but he got away.

“This was the last straw for Tolonen, who decided to take a class to get her concealed carry permit.

“’I think more people should be trained, [with] permits to carry,’ she said.”

This would be impossible in most areas of California, because our laws allow local sheriffs to decide who gets a conceal-carry permit. And almost all sheriffs in populous areas keep the permits to a minimum. Even in “conservative” Orange County, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has allowed very few permits. In fact, as gun scholar John Lott has proved, the drop in crime nationally the past 20 years largely is due to the spread of conceal-carry laws that have armed honest citizens against brutal criminals.

In California, the politicians want us to continue to be at the mercy of the brutal criminals.

Oregon, although a liberal “Left Coast” Blue State, is much better on gun rights than California — and on taxes as well. It has no state sales tax. And its income tax rates are lower than California’s.

Oregon — here I come!

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