Winner Emken launches pointless campaign

June 6, 2012

By John Seiler

When I fired up the Drudge Report this morning, the first ad on the top was for Elizabeth Emken. The screen capture is at right. Her campaign obviously had this ready to go after her anticipated victory. They’re targeting computers in California. And Drudge’s viewers tend to skew Republican, especially in Orange County, where I live.

But her campaign is pointless. As Dave Roberts reported on, her campaign is just a full-employment act for Republican consultants. She’s now running into the Feinstein buzz saw.

When I clicked on the Emken ad, I got this (there was a tracking code at the end of the URL which I cut out of the embeded link to the left):


“Dianne Feinstein’s days in Washington are numbered”? Not really.

“Feinstein is about to learn that it’s difficult to run on your record when that record consists of voting for higher taxes, stricter regulations and wasteful spending every time.” Except in California.

“So after two decades in the U.S. Senate, the sweetheart of the far left is facing the political fight of her life.” But DiFi is perceived as a moderate, even by Republicans targeted by this ad.

Indeed, last December Feinstein voted for the tyrannical National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the U.S. government to seize anybody, anywhere, including U.S. citizens right here in once-free America, and put them in secret detention indefinitely. But it also was passed by the “conservative” U.S. House of Representatives, which is run by Republicans. That’s the real definition of a “moderate”: someone who favors both right- and left-wing repression. America in 2012 is a lot like Deutschland c. 1933.

In yesterday’s vote, DiFi got 49.3 percent, Emken one-fourth that, 12.5 percent percent.

It’s true that Gov. Walker beat the recall in Wisconsin. Proposition 29, the $735 million cigarette tax, lost in California. And President Obama gets weaker as the economy falters.

But this is California. In 2010, Meg Whitman spent $180 million and got just 41 percent, although a lot of her poor showing was a reaction to the disastrous governorship of GOP darling Arnold Schwarzenegger. And in the Senate race that year, sitting Sen. Barbara Boxer almost as easily trounced Carly Fiornia, 52 percent to 42 percent. Yet Boxer commonly is considered one of the most liberal politicians in this or any other states. Although, like Feinstein, Boxer supported the NDAA repression.

Another problem for Emken is that she looks too nice to be in politics. Politics is a nasty business. The NDAA, for example, means “disappearing” people, including innocent American citizens, in detention camps — forever. Even at a minimum, it means forcibly taking people’s hard-earned property through taxation. It’s more aptly conducted by mean people, like this one:




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