Video: GROW Elect advances grassroots Latino GOP action

Video: GROW Elect advances grassroots Latino GOP action

Grow Elect logoMarch 6, 2013

By John Seiler

The two major themes of last weekend’s GOP convention were more grassroots organizing and more involvement by Latinos and other growing constituencies. Even those who not Republicans should welcome steps to make the party more competitive. Homogenized rule within a party doesn’t offer constituents many options.

A promising group highlighted at the convention was GROW Elect. Its Web site sensibly observes:

“The Republican Party has attempted a top-down approach towards breaking into the growing Latino voter market share. This attempt has failed.

“For all practical purposes there is no Republican Party in most Latino neighborhoods. No elected partisan Republican officials. No party structure. Nothing.

“There has been much talk of million dollar advertisement campaigns geared to move Latino voters. There is certainly a role for advertising, but GROW Elect takes another tact. The GROW Elect programs are focused on a bottom up approach.

“GROW Elect is a 527 political action committee that recruits, endorses, trains, and funds Latino Republican candidates for public office.”

For “top down” approach, they obviously had in mind such remote candidates as Meg Whitman, who in 2010 blew $180 million of her $1.3 billion fortune, almost all of it on TV ads, in a losing effort for governor. Her opponent, Gov. Jerry Brown, instead worked with public-employee unions to organize “the troops,” as he calls union members, and others for victory.

To use an old football cliche, it’s hard to win with just a “passing game”; you also need a “ground game.”

The Latino community is primed for a grassroots effort. Every year they form thousands of new businesses, most small, that create jobs. These businesses must run the gauntlet of state taxes and regulations. If the GOP can attract these Latinos with a welcoming message that advances smaller and more responsible government, then the party could start making a comeback.

Stifling taxes and job-killing regulations know no boundaries of race, creed or color.

Education is another winning theme if the GOP can embrace it in the right way. It isn’t Irvine where the high-school dropout rate is half of students, but Latino-majority Los Angeles Unified School District.

Here’s a YouTube that shows the promise of GROW Elect.


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  1. The Modified Ted Steele Methodologies (tm)
    The Modified Ted Steele Methodologies (tm) 7 March, 2013, 06:46

    The best thing the GOP could do to draw in latinos and win elections is to denounce the hate filled teabaggistic rhetoric and policies. Until that happens, the GOP will be out of office.

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  2. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 7 March, 2013, 11:23

    Ted is right on target. It makes no difference what kind of infrastructure the party sets up if its message remains one that is abhorrent to the people it is trying to reach. That’s just common sense.

    As long as the Tea Party and the Minutemen control the GOP message, the party will continue to fail, not only with Latinos, but also with the millions of moderates and independents who decide elections in our state.

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  3. Ted Steele, Navigator
    Ted Steele, Navigator 7 March, 2013, 13:44

    Steve– I predict that sadly the GOP will take another 10 years before it is able to learn that lesson. They may get some mid term victory, but I doubt it, but they will lose big yet again in 2016. I do not gloat over any of it either because all of that is just bad for the Country. This Nation needs a healthy and effective GOP and I don’t think we’ll see one for a long time.The moronic am radio, tea bag, Fox news ignorata have hijacked the party—the real statesmen are DOA.

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  4. Greg in LA
    Greg in LA 9 March, 2013, 22:48

    Ted Steele is the most rabid anti Republican I’ve ever read on Cal Watchdog. The only thing he hates more than Republicans is anything that identifies as “Tea Party”.

    In other words. Ted Steele is an ultra leftest who is giving advice to Republicans.

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  5. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 11 March, 2013, 11:07

    Hey, Ted, you should take Greg’s rant as a badge of honor.

    And I’m waiting for Greg or anyone else to show why this is not correct: “As long as the Tea Party and the Minutemen control the GOP message, the party will continue to fail, not only with Latinos, but also with the millions of moderates and independents who decide elections in our state.”

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