Ex-CA cop: U.S. law enforcement blew terror response

April 20, 2013

By Chris Reed

A former official with a state law-enforcement agency sent me a contrarian take on the week’s events in Massachusetts:

“At the risk of spoiling the high fives on the Boston bombing incident, has anybody asked how this guy was not on the FBI’s radar 5 minutes after the terrorist attack.  He openly posted radical ideas and linked to Chechen terrorist videos on the internet and had just traveled back to the epicenter of terrorism, Chechnya and Dagestan?????   

“We spend billions upon billions to gather intel, surveil the internet and identify potential threats.   JTTFs and terror centers and intel fusion hubs are to track and hopefully prevent these guys from acting.  At least he should have been on a short list of candidates within 12 hours of the bombing.  

“Yet the FBI was reduced to posting blurry video photos like any 7-11 robbery 5 days after the attack.  really, only the amateur nature of the attackers led to their arrests…not brilliant police work.  Didn’t get any value from anti-terror money spent.  After 5 days it would seem like someone might have looked at the Chechens photographs, which the FBI presumably had, and a light bulb would have lit up. They lived in the neighborhood!  The leader was a wife-beater!

“Then there is the never-ending problem of allowing immigrants from terror-spawning regions to come here.  Chechens?   As if there aren’t a couple billion non-muslim non-american hating people in the world who wouldn’t give their left arm to come here.  Chechens?   Seems like we have already experienced this with Somali ‘refugees’ who return to Jihad not to mention the 9-11 hijackers.  It’s a big world, how about we consider our own interests in immigration and visitation?  Political correctness run amok.”

We’ll see if more of this contrary thinking emerges after the high-fives and back-slapping come to an end.


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  1. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 20 April, 2013, 16:26

    Well said.

    I made both points —- Why was this guy not fingered sooner, and what possible upside FOR US is there for allowing “political refugees” from a country halfway around the world. (Very few of the extended family seem to have inculcated much of the Western way of life).

    I am told I have a “bad attitude”. LOL

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  2. us citizen
    us citizen 20 April, 2013, 17:28

    I have the same attitude. Enough with this letting anyone in here. Time to go back to Ellis Island days.

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  3. sean morham
    sean morham 21 April, 2013, 07:10

    I agree that the high fives overshadowed the fact that the bombing happened and the issue of WHY were the authorities not able to stop it. Imagine the outrage from the Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow if Romney was in the White house. Well, at least he would have governed instead of total juvenile celebrity worship, and Jockbrain bracketology. Of course, the so mentioned was elected so we get what we deserve…..Rock on and Dribble, Big Daddy.

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  4. stolson
    stolson 21 April, 2013, 08:59

    DrudgeReport seems to have revealed this as well as the internet sleuths–the lamestream media was stuck on domestic terrorist acting alone, hopefully a White Male from the right side in politics. The FBI did a terrible mistake in not deporting them as a threat, when asked to investigate–wonder who their handlers are. Follow the money here. It was reported in an article that that area of the Caucases and Albania are hard core terrorists and bigger in build and stronger than regular mid easterner. Where is the funding coming from to aid their terror? Saudi Arabia? Turkey? Qatar?

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  5. Brown delta trout
    Brown delta trout 21 April, 2013, 10:10

    All right wing whities are being prepared for Queeg’s camp. Teddy is the wardon. Picture that.

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  6. bubba
    bubba 21 April, 2013, 18:02

    It seems the FBI is just as incompetent as NCIS is!
    All this time the white house and congress are more concerned about the average Joe having gun than who we let into this country!

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  7. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 21 April, 2013, 18:13

    I’m not sure some old guy you know who was a CHP officer or a game warden really has a lot of insight about how much or when the suspects in the bombing case came to the attention of federal law enforcement. It may well be that they were identified early in the process and the release of their photos was intended to generate more witness statements, etc.

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  8. pgee
    pgee 21 April, 2013, 21:06

    Well SkippingDog, if they were identified early in the process and allowed to run amok, kill a cop, terrorize Boston, rob a liquor store, kidnap, car-jack and deploy bombs for five days just to generate more witness statements the FBI certainly accomplished that goal.

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  9. Donkey
    Donkey 22 April, 2013, 07:33

    Skdog, save us the the LE mantra excuses of (we had our reasons for being incompetent). Every citizen with an ounce of common sense knows that the TSA, FBI, ATF, and CIA have done nothing to stop people like these two from killing Americans. The open door policy and don’t use the “M” (muslim) word practices of your beloved Obama was responsible for the Boston bombings. 🙂

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  10. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 22 April, 2013, 19:11

    Just because you may have identified suspects doesn’t mean they magically turn themselves in or leap into custody. It took about 72 hours from the original bombing to gather all of the various photos and video from witness and businesses in the area, enhance and review every one of them, get some consistent photos that appeared to show the suspects, and then present that information to the public. Unless you have received your entire law enforcement education from watching TV, that’s a pretty fast and efficient ID process.

    It took less than 24 hours after the FBI news conference for the two suspects to be flushed out and on the run. In total, it took slightly more than 100 hours from the time the bombs exploded until the second suspect was in custody. That’s excellent work by any reasonable and knowledgable standard.

    Sorry Donkey, no excuses needed here at all.

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  11. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 22 April, 2013, 19:14

    BTW, Donkey, as someone who claims to know and revere our Constitution, perhaps you can direct us to the section of the 1st Amendment that excludes Muslims from their freedom of religious liberty.

    Please get back to us on that matter as soon as possible….

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  12. Donkey
    Donkey 23 April, 2013, 13:09

    Skdog, this clown had gone to terrorest training camps, was yelling kill Americans at his prayer meetings, was watching and posting hate/murder utube videos. He was a danger and the RAGWUS, as usual failed. And as always the citizens did the leg work to find the killers. 🙂

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  13. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 24 April, 2013, 00:21

    Right, Donkey. That was civilian citizens involved in the running gun battles with the suspects? I seem to have missed that during the coverage.

    As to his supposed attendance at training camps, yelling about killing, and posting hateful things on the internet, those same claims could be easily made about you. After all, you’re the one who proudly claims to hate your own government and its representatives.

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