Gov. Brown, Legislature seek road funds

roads, wolverton, cagle, March 31, 2014No question California’s roads are close to those in Iraq. The only makes car repair shops happy.

Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature now are looking at taxing cars by the mile, instead of at the pump. Reported KPCC:

California lawmakers are looking at new ways to pay for crumbling roads, bridges and highways as the traditional repair fund from gasoline taxes dries up.

Revenue from gasoline taxes have been sliding as more fuel-efficient and electric cars hit aging roads. That’s contributing to an annual $5.9 billion backlog in state highway repairs.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration is studying whether to tax drivers by miles traveled instead of gas guzzled. Changing the system could take more than five years, and lawmakers are calling for more money to repave roads and fill potholes in the meantime.

A big problem with the proposal is a tax on miles would both invade privacy and encourage cheating on odometers.

Part of the problem, too, is that the state government for decades now has siphoned off funds from highways to the general fund. Both federal and state governments insist on the vast waste known as high-occupancy-vehicle lanes — diamond lanes. And efforts to privatize expressways are resisted.

Then there’s SB 375, the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008. It was sponsored by then-state Sen. Darrell Steinberg, and signed into law by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It encourages mass transit — not roads — and jamming people into high-rises. So it actually is state policy to discourage driving.

Do we need any other reasons why the roads are falling apart?


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  1. Michael
    Michael 11 February, 2015, 09:31

    Yes, Jerry and the Kleptocrats running the state have enough money for needless trains, green, energy, electric car and Hollywood subsidies. Roads do not matter to them because they don’t want you in cars.

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  2. bob
    bob 11 February, 2015, 16:59

    we already have the highest gas taxes in the county.

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  3. Donkey
    Donkey 12 February, 2015, 06:00

    California has all the money it needs to build and maintain the roads. The problem is the system of RAGWUS feeders that allocate the tax dollars. Close to 92% of all our tax dollars goes to pay, benefits, and pensions for RAGWUS feeders, this leaves little for maintaining the infrastructure. 🙂

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