Meg's "management" style

John Seiler:

Meg’s campaign boasts of her management prowess. But compare this.

Here’s how Meg ran eBay: She didn’t go out and hire retired GM, Ford or GE managers. Instead, she hired young hotshots hungry to create the Internet future.

And here’s how she’s run her gubernatorial campaign: She’s hired old Arnold, Pete Wilson, McCain and Bush hacks. Wilson last won in 1994 by being against immigration, an issue Meg has flipped Left on. That year, the Internet hardly existed.

Arnold won only because of the 2003 recall fluke; then, in 2006, he campaigned against tax-increasing Angelides on a no-new-taxes pledge — a lie, because he broke the pledge in 2009. Bush actually lost the national popular vote in 2000; then barely won in 2004 against the pathetic Kerry. And in 2008, McCain lost California by 3 million votes.

These people she hired for tens of millions of simoleons aren’t winners, they’re burnouts. That’s why, this far into the campaign, she’s still losing in the polls against an opponent who has spent hardly any money.

She should have hired some pimply, 17-year-old hackers who would have learned the political language as fast as they pick up HTML or C++.

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